Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Letter to the Weather

Dear Canadian weather,

     Why are you so cold today? I mean really I know you're in the Northern hemisphere and I know you shouldn't be as warm as you've been getting because of global warming but could you give us Canadians a bit of a break? I mean its forty below outside with windchill and I have to walk to class this evening when its going to be even colder with the setting sun, so could you just cut us some slack, and maybe warm things up a little, give Jack Frost the cold shoulder? I know the winter's beautiful and the trees look so pretty covered in flakes of snow but the wind isn't pretty and it doesn't feel nice to not be able to feel my face in the wind gusts so could you tone it down so that I can complain about it being too hot instead of too cold?



Also here's some pictures I took last night of the blizzard :)


  1. We were talking about this. G and I are convinced this is what winter was like when we were kids. Mind you, memory can be a fickle thing but it seems everyone looked like the little brother from A Christmas Story - so many layers of everything! Wearing a dress to school as little girls did, I wore leotards, then a pair of pants, extra socks with pants tucked in, snow pants and boots. Its a wonder I could stand with all that weight, let alone walk to school! Have the collective we possibly been spoiled by these "milder" winters? Now, having said that, I'm drinking my coffee as I write this wearing a hat and scarf because I got a chill going outside :)

    1. I think there is definitely the possibility that global warming has spoiled us with 'warm winters' which is bad but on days when I have to trudge through the snow to class because people in Waterloo don't shovel their sidewalks I'd be happy with a little bit of mild :)


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