Monday, 20 January 2014

Irish Cream Tea

     This is something, I'll admit that I did not come up with entirely on my own I'd had Irish Cream Coffee at coffee shops and cafes and other such places which didn't serve alcoholic drinks but it wasn't until about a month ago that I tasted the real thing. I've always loved Irish Cream flavour coffees and such maybe because I have a slight bias toward it as my heritage is Scottish, Irish and Welsh. But none of the flavoured coffees I've had before prepared me for this. My boyfriend had been telling me about how much he had loved flavouring his coffees with an Irish Cream liqueur in the past so for new years we made a trip to the LCBO, I picked up sparkling wine and he picked up Irish Cream.

Photo credit: Carolans Media
Just so you know what the bottle looks like :)

     Shortly after that, being out of coffee we decided to mix some with Red Rose Orange Pekoe tea instead. Its amazing. You don't need to add much, about as much milk or cream you would add to your tea anyways and in my opinion you don't need to add any sweetener either because Carolans Irish Cream (my favourite brand) has honey in the mixture already.

     Take the Irish Cream Tea challenge and tell me what you think!

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