Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Beginnings

      For the new year I could make a resolution to eat healthier, exercise weekly, write a book or something of that sort but I probably won't. Its not that I don't try to eat healthy or that I don't try to exercise... wait pause there a moment, I might try and eat relatively healthy (I am one of those rare people who has loved salad since I was a kid) but lets be honest here, I don't really try to exercise. I know its benefits and such but who are we kidding its freaking cold outside I don't want to walk to the car (if I had a car) let alone put on my exercise clothes and go for a run or even walk to the gym.

     As for the book, I've always loved writing but being in second year university in an arts program doesn't leave a lot of time for writing anything other than research papers and essays. So instead I think I'm going to make a realistic resolution and write this blog of my ramblings and scattered thoughts instead.. at least one post a week... maybe more often during the really busy times at school when I'm procrastinating.

    Some people hate writing but I have always loved it, it calms me down and goodness knows I could do with a dose of calm in the hectic academic world, let alone the general chaos and abstract thought process that my brain tends to follow... Oh look a squirrel! Just kidding its nighttime now and hopefully all the squirrels are in bed, for some reason I'd like to imagine they are all tucked in nice little squirrel sized beds hugging miniature teddy bears....

      I think on that note its probably time to halt (not just stop, because halt sounds like a more purposeful word) tonight's ramblings. Good night world.

Photo credit: Clip Art etc.

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