Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Random Thoughts on Depression, Procrastination and Today

       Right now I'm sitting in bed, scrolling aimlessly through the web while my english texts stare at me from the corner of the room reminding me that I'm supposed to be studying for my english midterm tomorrow morning. But then I click on another youtube video, scroll through another blog and my english home work melts a little further into the background, not gone but a little farther away, a little less and more important in the same breath.

    When I look out the window everything is covered in snow, the sky is grey and the only thing that inspires me to do anything with my life while facing this way is the heat creeping into my toes from the heater below the window which I'm resting my feet on. I don't plan on letting myself get really depressed today but sometimes these things can be hard to prevent, which is in part why I'm writing this post at this very moment. Blogging keeps my mind busy and even if I'm not doing what I should be doing a.k.a. my english homework at least I'm not letting myself sink into a really bad mental place.

      I think in part this weather is really getting to me, maybe if there was some sunshine then I'd have even just a little bit more inspiration to review my english and get things done. I really can't wait for spring. I don't think I've got much more to say right now so I'm going to go and maybe make myself an Irish Cream Tea and get that English studying started before the rest of the day slips through my fingers.

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