Thursday, 20 March 2014

Celebrating Ostara... Realistically.

       In a perfect world, for my first Ostara I would be lighting a green candle in a forest next to budding flowers and trees while basking in the sunlight. Alas Utopia is not realistic and honestly it sounds pretty boring, I mean where would we be if we didn't have to put in a bit of a fight? To be clear I'm not condoning war, the fight I'm referring to is the internal fight,the fight to better ourselves and the world. Without the big and little challenges we wouldn't be able to truly discover our strengths.

First Robbins of Spring!
      This Ostara it's not sunny, I'm missing my guinea pig Mr. Darcy who passed away Tuesday evening despite getting medicines from the vet on Monday (I originally introduced Darcy in the post: Mr. Darcy Meeting My Guinea Pig) and it even started to snow. In all honesty, I'm not really very happy today but that's OK. When you think about it, Spring isn't really the proverbial "walk in the park", it is a time of the struggle to renew.

The Path Less Travelled
       Though the days have gotten longer and the snow has started to melt, the new buds on trees, the saplings, and the baby plants that spring through the earth with new energy, must still face the last frost. If we lived in the days before grocery stores, our larders would be pretty meagre considering that its been nearly six months since the September harvest. Essential spring is a time when the earth is starting over from scratch. I don't know about you but any time I've had to restart from scratch it wasn't a particularly easy process. So its okay, both literally and metaphorically, that its been cloudy with few sunny patches, because its the Spring Equinox and embarking on beginning anew is never easy.

        When I paused to consider just how many challenges the earth faces during spring I realized that I had already been celebrating Ostara without even knowing it. Before I started writing this post I spent my morning organizing and packing, putting unnecessary things away and gathering the things that I'll need as I prepare for the new directions I will follow this spring.

All of this being said, I wish you a happy Ostara on this special day when the earth begins to prepare for the season of rebirth.
Toronto's Beach Last Spring

*If you'd like to read more about the celebration or sabbat of Ostara check out this post:
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