Friday, 28 March 2014

Gnome Gn-Gn-Gn-Gnome Gnome

         Last night while meditating and refuelling my inner fires I went for a bit of a gander to check on my aunt's place and make sure the energies were all up to snuff. At first energy glance all was well but then we both noticed that there seemed to be something by her doorway. At first I thought it was negative but after spending some further time engaging with the energy I realized it was a gnome wearing a black cape (for protection). He seemed rather cheerful and pleasant but he couldn't get through her doorway which has been smudged, this puzzled both my aunt and left us both a little concerned as to whether this gnome was who he seemed to be or not. So I decided to do a little research on the gnome....

       Also known as "earth dwellers" gnomes are earth elementals that are considered to be descendants of Dwarvish Fae Folk. As elementals they are made entirely of energy and often appear invisible except to those who have the 'sight' (probably for the best considering it would probably freak the general population out if they could see gnomes and had to believe magic existed haha). Their relation to dwarves has largely been based upon their dwarvish appearance and, the legend of the garden gnome which says that gnomes appear in gardens after a ray of sunshine has turned a dwarf to stone.

       Legend also states that gnomes are the guardians of treasures deep within the belly of the earth. In my opinion this would also support the case that gnomes are of dwarvish descent considering the dwarf's relation to hidden underground treasure. Gnomes can be found deep within forests, as they traditionally make their homes in the roots of trees however, they will wander out and about from time to time.

       Though they are generally believed to be reluctant to help humans, they are not against helping out the kind, honest humans they like. Gnomes are said to assist in prosperity spells as well as in the strengthening of confidence and endurance. On the other hand gnomes can also create melancholy and gloom if need be. Gnomes as spirits of the earth also protect wild animals and humans (at least in respect to their health).

      As guardians of the earth's hidden treasures gnomes are appreciative of shiny material things such as  quart crystals and honestly who doesn't like a thank you gift once in a while!


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