Monday, 31 March 2014

Musings on Tree-Hugging

         Sometime we have to go places we really don't want to. There are some locations where the energy only takes, where the strength of people's energies has warped that particular environment's energy, changed it temporarily so that being there is like entering an emotional vacuum. Tonight, I almost had to go to a place that has become my current equivalent of this but thankfully through a coincidence, I was spared such a venture. However, I was still a bit depressed and my energies weren't feeling as as sunshiny as they should have been, so I suggested to my boyfriend that we go on a walk through the park in our area.

        Living in a city, even one that smaller than my 'hometown', I know first hand how easy it is to forget to physically refuel your 'green' energy and quite literally hug a tree. When you're surrounded by buildings and the activities of day to day life its easy to get caught up in the cement, especially when you're dreading the duty of visiting an energy vacuum.

         So my boyfriend and I went for a walk in the park that's thankfully right by our home. Every time I walk through the park I am filled with thankfulness for the greenery of the earth. Anyhow, during the course of our walk we approached a little stream. I mention this stream in particular,because while I was busy basking in the sound of the trickling water, my boyfriend noticed a tall old tree just off to the side, behind us.

        The moment I walked up to it I just knew I had to hug it. Honestly before that moment I don't think I ever realized just how much of a tree hugging person I am. Though I have rested my hand on trees to feel their energy and sat at the base of many a tree trunk, I had never really felt such a strong urge to actually hug a tree before. Yet when I was saw the tree and was surrounded by nature the thought that I previously wasn't much of a tree-hugger never crossed my mind, at that moment it just felt like something that I absolutely needed to do. So before I knew it, I was meandering my way between other trees' branches and wrapping my arms around the tree.

     I stayed like that for several moments, just feeling the spirit of the tree next to me, feeling her energy and her peace. I say her because to me the spirit felt female.. whether tree spirits have gendered energies or not is something that I'm sure can only be answered in the otherworld but to me it just feels right to refer to the old tree spirit as her. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this thought process anymore I suppose I simply wanted to share how peaceful my experience hugging the tree spirit was.

I am curious though, do you think trees have spirits and if so, do you think they can be male or female? There can be no absolute right answer because in the end we don't have the words of the trees to set us straight but nonetheless, what are your thoughts on tree-hugging and tree-spirits?

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