Sunday, 6 April 2014

Enchanted Oracle Tarot Cards -A Review

     I always enjoyed reading the horoscope in the morning paper with my mom when I was growing up but I certainly never thought that one day I would legitimately consider buying tarot cards... then again I also never thought I'd identify myself as a witch. It actually makes me smile to think about that, not a mocking smile, but an appreciative smile for the capacity of humans to change. I think it's a bit of an oxymoron that people tend to accept the theory that a person never changes and that change is inevitable at the same time, but in the same breath its also pretty freaking awesome. I mean could you imagine how boring life would be if things never changed, if there was no rain we could never appreciate the sunshine. If there was only one religion or way to express our spirituality I think life would get a little mundane, but then again maybe thats why I continually challenge and adapt my belief systems.

      Whether you appreciate change or adapt your spirituality with the seasons is all a matter of personal preference and perspective. Either way I think we can both recognize that I'm rambling at this point, considering the post's title is about oracle cards and now I'm talking about the adaptation of spirituality.Then again, maybe I'm not that off course considering that I am describing my own capacity for spiritual change by discussing my purchase of tarot cards, something that I would never have believed I would buy ten years ago...

      So anyways, to the central topic of this post, Enchanted Oracle Tarot Cards. I bought my Enchanted Oracle Tarot Cards online about a month ago from As with Indigo shipping, which is always speedy they arrived promptly, about a week or so after my payment. When my cards arrived they came in a box that is a direct replica of the advertised picture. Accompanying the tarot cards, there was also a fairy pendulum and a book about the cards themselves authored by Barbara Moore. In the picture below, the fairy pendulum is silver with red wings however mine had clear wings, just something to be mindful of.

      In my opinion the accompanying booklet is definitely very helpful in establishing both a background to the figure featured on the given card as well as the meaning of the card specifically as a tarot card. The guide book also includes several suggestions on how to realize your reading through a variety of spells and visualizations. Generally I prefer to come up with my own spells, so I can't really testify as to how helpful the spells are. That being said, I have tried the visualization suggested for one card which keeps reappearing in my readings, Shadow Weaver. 

     As a card Shadow Weaver reveals the need to maintain organization amidst chaos, which in reflection of my life is almost always applicable. The visualization for Shadow Weaver suggests that to help achieve organization and the energy to do so that you picture yourself as a Shadow Weaver, and summon the energy of your inner dragon. I particularly like the idea of summoning energy from my inner dragon, I mean dragons are just crazy pants awesome!!

      Designed by Jessica Galbreth the cards themselves are also simply gorgeous!! The only thing that I think is particularly unfortunate about the cards is that there is a limited number of men in the deck, the cards are almost exclusively women. I do think it would have been nicer to see more men in the deck, as beautiful as us women are, we also share the earth with men and so I personally think masculinity should have been more equally represented in the deck. Aside from that I would definitely recommend purchasing the deck if you feel a connection to the deck's mysterious artwork.

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