Thursday, 17 April 2014

I'm on Etsy Now :)

     Before you get all yourself worked up in a knot about the title of this blog and whether it means Little Cloud of Sanity will become some sort of continual advertisement, take a deep breath, I reassure you that this is not about to become an advertising space. I won't say that I'm never going to share what I'm up to in my Etsy shop Itty Bitty Celtic Witch, because as you may have gathered from my blog I like to talk about what's on my mind but I guarantee this won't become some sort of self advertisement.

     So now that my disclaimer of sorts is out of the way, let me ramble a bit about what I've been up to. Lately as exams have descended upon me once again, I've felt my creative artsy side kick in and felt the strong urge to do something with my hands other than typing out notes or essays. A couple of weeks ago I found some little glass vials in Michaels Craft Store and was inspired to create some witch bottles for myself. While making them it struck me that other people might like them too, and so the idea to sell witch bottles on Etsy was born. Then about a week ago, I went coincidentally on another Michael's outing (its really very dangerous living around the corner from a Michael's store), to pick up some essential oils. 

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      Sadly they didn't have any essential oils, so for a little purity I found myself drawn to their bead section, which is full of crystals. I used to make earrings when I was younger but I haven't picked up a pair of pliers in atleast four years, nonetheless there I was standing in the bead isle filling my shopping cart with crystals and jewellery pliers and wires. My ears tend to get sore from wearing earrings, even if I wear the surgical steel or sterling silver kind, but apparently my love of making earrings has not lessened over the years. The minute I got home I plopped down on the bed and began creating away. The result? A bunch of crystal earrings and only two ears (that don't like earrings) to wear them... Two days later I was taking pictures and creating some postings on Etsy for earrings made with real crystals.

Click on the Picture to Check out my shop :)
  Here I am... about a month into my new Etsy shop, silently filled with thrills whenever I get a view a day (I'm tiny I don't expect fame). So I thought I'd share my new experiences in earring and witch bottle making with you. If you feel like checking it out, by all means and if you don't thats okay too :)
      What creative things have you been up to lately? Care to share? I always reply to comments!


  1. Lovely! I'm fascinated with your work inspiration. Its very culture based, which is unique and amazing at the same time. I'm hoping that your shop gets more visibility. Your beautiful creations deserve it! Good luck!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match


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