Monday, 14 April 2014

Musings on the Upcoming Blood Moon - Night of April 14 (or Tues April 15 at 3 am)

      As you may know, tonight or rather more accurately tomorrow at approximately 3 am on April 15, the first of four blood moons this year will occur. To be honest even though I've been seeing a bunch of pagan and science notifications about the upcoming moon I didn't really have much idea what a blood moon really was until this evening when I took the time to look it up. Better late than never as they say...

      A blood moon occurs during a total lunar eclipse when particles of sunlight left in the atmosphere (while the sun itself is blocked by the earth) give the moon a reddish appearance. The last time that the earth experienced a blood moon was in 2003. Though it is extremely uncommon for a blood moon to occur four times in the same year as it will between 2014 and 2015, scientists have determined that over the next 5000 years there will 142 tetrads. While this is a significant amount of time from a human perspective, considering the age of the earth, moon and universe this is really the blink of an eye.

      The fact that four blood moons will occur over the next year is unique however, it can scientifically be explained by the fact that the earth's orbit is ever changing and as such tetrads inconsistently appear. Considering that there are multiple references to the blood moon or a moon appearing the colour of blood in the bible there are many theorists who believe that this will result, once again in the end of the world or the second coming of Christ. As both the moon and sun have a powerful effect on the humanity in general I definitely believe that the appearance of four blood moons in the span of one year will affect us. But do I believe that the end of the world is upon us once again and the Jesus will make his second appearance on Earth? ... not so much.

    According to paganspath, the energy of the blood moon is specifically helpful for "energizing fertility, abundance and communicating with the spirit". In general the full moon is an excellent time for cleansing i.e. of crystals, leaving your crystals or herbs out on this night bathed in moonlight would add a bit of extra mojo (every bit of earthy energy counts right?!). Oh and did I mention Monday is the day associated with the moon?! mhm. Also, if your Wiccan today is an awesome sauce day to celebrate the goddess.

    Personally I have an exam tomorrow so I won't be able to stay up and see the blood moon. Ah well university is priority. I did however celebrate this esbat by having a shower and turning clockwise repeating the phrase "I cleanse myself for this full moon". I would have liked to have had a bath but I am currently sharing my apartment with four other people (university budget and all, can't even hide my excitement for my new place this fall that will only be occupied by me and my bf :D ) so that wasn't so much in the cards for tonight.

    If you're celebrating this full moon how so? What does this blood moon mean to you?

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