Friday, 11 April 2014

Simple Thursday Daily Candle Ritual Meditation

      So as you may have noticed if you read my post from last night, I spent Thursday evening pursuing witchy videos on Youtube. If you didn't get a chance to see what I posted yesterday I highly recommend you take a peek at this post: Traditional Witchcraft... Youtube Style as the Village Witch video I linked to was simply superb. Inspired by the aforementioned video, I decided to continue my perusal and eventually I came across a video by TipToeChick on Daily Candle Rituals. TipToeChick is a Wiccan blogger who covers a variety of issues from coming out of the broom closet to how to organize a Book of Shadows (Essentially a person Wiccan spell book). My favourite part about TipToeChick is that her videos are informative and relatable whether you're a new (or initiated) Wiccan trying to figure out how to practice Wicca, or you're a traditional witch who doesn't click with Wicca. She isn't one of the Wiccan vloggers who continually asserts that the only pagan path is the Wiccan one which makes her videos far more universal and in my opinion much better. If you've got some spare time on your hands I would definitely recommend taking a gander at her channel.

      Anyways back to the topic of this post, 'Simple Thursday Daily Candle Ritual Meditation'. Last night after watching TipToeChick's video on Daily Candle Rituals (which I linked to above), I decided to incorporate some of her suggestions for Thursday candle meditations. Though meditation definitely takes more than a little patience quite a bit of time to really get into, after a couple months of meditating off and on (for however long my attention span would last, usually anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes), I can honestly say I'm getting into the whole meditation thing. 

      In her video TipToeChick, describes Thursday as a purple day, a day of mental or physical healing, a time to sort out your inner problems and find your inner strengths. As this just seems to fit what Thursdays generally feel like to me I decided to go with it and follow her suggestion for a Thursday specific candle meditation. 

Things I used for my Thursday Meditation:

-1 White Tea-light (I didn't have a purple candle & white can be substituted for all colours)
-1 Purple Candle Holder (See I got the purple in there ;) )
-2 Amethyst Crystals (Because all I had was two, use as many as you want)
-3 Crushed Elderberries (Again crush as many as you want)
-1 Owl Rock & 1 Owl Pendant (Associated with my familiars)
-Water (I find the element of water strengthens my spells)

What To Do:

     Find a quiet space in your home or in nature, whichever you prefer and get nice and comfy. Fill your candle holder with your crushed elderberries, amethyst crystals (for psychic awareness, a personal addition to the meditation), and some water. Light your tea-light and gently place it in the candle holder. Set out your candle in front of you, and in my case I also used owl emblems to represent my familiar and call to her, these are not necessary you can incorporate or not incorporate whatever you want in the ritual. Once your all settled and your candle is lit relax and focus on grounding your energies (if anyone needs more explanation on grounding please mention it in the comments) and then settle into whatever visualization works for you to achieve physical or mental healing. And thats it!!

Note: TipToeChick didn't suggest elderberries I just felt that as the witch's herb they would enhance my meditation, and they're purple! :)

Feel free to share your Thursday meditations in the comments below, I always respond  :)

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