Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Vikings -A Review

      Exams are finally over for winter term, so I'm officially done my second year of university! yay happy dance!!! Because I switched from science to arts I do have a tad bit of catching up to do so I'm going to spend my summer once more hitting the books, although I will have two online courses so I won't have to walk to campus quite as much. I'm not all that upset about spending my summer studying, I've always liked learning even if I'm not so much a fan of exams. What I am upset about is the fact that the T.V. series, Vikings is almost over.

Ragnar and Lagertha
     If you haven't heard of Vikings, in short its a show about the escapades of Ragnar Lothbruk, a Viking Earl who ruled off the cost of what is now recognized as Norway during the 8th and 9th centuries. Put on by the History Channel, Vikings is now in its second season and is scheduled for a third season to air in 2015.

      As someone who's ancestry is primarily Celtic (Scottish, Irish and Welsh) I have a very deep interest in watching the Anglo-Saxon rivalries. Aside from heritage, the plot of Vikings is absolutely riveting. It generally ends its episodes with just enough of a cliff-hanger to keep you wanting more without making you want to throw something at your television in frustration cough The Walking Dead cough cough hack sputter wheez....

Floki, Athelstan, Ragnar
      In addition to keeping the story active and preventing it from stagnation, the plot of Vikings also places a strong precedence on character development. Rather than allowing its characters to remain simply as good or evil, Vikings provides its audience with the opportunity to see the characters from all angles. The characters are far from superficial, they each develop in such a unique way that by the end of the episode you've feel like you read a good book about them or even had a conversation with them.

Lagertha -Sheild Maiden
Lagertha as Noble
      For all of my readers (who are like me) and are interested in the interaction between pagans and Christians, Vikings will be of special interest to you. Deviating from the more common representation of Christians as the white knights and the pagans as the invading savages, this show paints both perspectives in an equally "grey" light. Then and now, neither perspective when polarized or melded together (in consideration of pagans who take on the Christian God as their patron), was or is perfect. No view on spirituality can ever truly be considered the only way to experience the Divine, something addressed specifically through the character Athelstan (probably my favourite character along with Lagertha, Ragnar and Siggy.. oh never  apparently I love them all.. back to what I was saying).

      Before I find myself rambling into spoilers I'm just going to end it here and say that Vikings is awesome and you should watch it! If there's any Vikings fans readings this feel free to comment about who is your favourite character below!!!

Rolo, Ragnar, Lagertha

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