Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wait did you say Woden's day? A Wednesday Rambling We Will Go

     Tonight as my German Literary Masterpieces lecture discussed the history of Tolstoy, a Russian writer famous for such works as Anna Karenina and War and Peace, I learned about the pagan German God... Woden. Really this having a laptop in class thing is dangerous, especially in the evening when my tummy is rumbling for dinner and has driven my brain to distraction. But as Whinnie the Pooh would say desperately trying to reach for the last drop of honey in the honey jar, "Oh Bother". I was super productive today and mostly finished up one of my history papers that's due next week, so I'm going to take a break from taking notes during this lecture.

     Anyways, I was surfing for information on Anglosaxon paganism, because you know who doesn't surf the web to learn about Anglosaxon paganism in their spare time, its not like reddit or tumblr are more popular or anything... when I came across a page on BBC History, albeit the primary page, about anglo saxon beliefs which inspired this post. Okay back to normal sentence lengths... On this site, aside from adorable little cartoons of what the Saxons would have looked like, I found an interesting fact; Wednesday was named after the chief of the German pagan gods, Woden.

Lightbulb: Wednesday is Woden's day!

     Considering that the English language is largely Germanic in origins, maybe I shouldn't be so shocked that one of the days of the week is named after a pagan god, but I am. I mean how did the Christians let that one slip past them? I mean seriously, speaking purposely without a bias towards either Christianity or paganism, the Christian's were to say the least, paranoid about the continued existence of pagan beliefs. Considering that the Christian's converted hundreds of thousands of pagans and their descendants out of the fear that they were satanic peoples attempting to bring the devil to earth, I think its outstanding that an aspect of paganism was allowed to remain the namesake of a weekday.

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