Monday, 7 April 2014

We are all Visitors under Nut (Nuit)'s Sky -Egyptian Mythology

     I have an archaeology exam tomorrow and while perusing my course materials I came across a rather interesting (at least in my opinion) interpretation of the Cosmos....

      The ancient Egyptians believed that their Goddess Nut (pronounced Nuit) was the fabric of the sky. To the ancient Egyptians, Nut was essentially the personification of the sky; her arms and legs comprised the pillars of the sky while her hands and feet touched the four cardinal points of the compass. Her naked body was also believed to be covered in stars. In depictions of ancient Egyptian artwork, Nut is typically depicted in the nude, holding her arched body upwards while gazing down upon the world below her.

      Next time you look at the sky just think, maybe Nut is looking right back at you :)

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