Sunday, 20 April 2014

When Everyone's Saying Happy Easter Jesus Christ is Risen & You're like I'm Pagan...

     Today is my first Easter being a pagan celtic traditional witch who is currently exploring pantheism. Essentially this means that this is the very first time in 19 years when I have not gone to a Catholic Church to give praise to the Christian God for Jesus having risen body and soul from the Earth to ascend to heaven. And honestly it feels a little weird, its not that I feel some latent desire to go to church to celebrate resurrection of Jesus as the son of God, I'm really quite content where I am sitting in my bed with a cup of coffee and the sun shining through my window. Its just strange after so many years blindly following the Christian Easter traditions to experience the day without hearing a priest describe the resurrection of Christ. So while doing the dishes I found myself musing about what Easter meant to me now that I am now longer Catholic and here's where it got me...

     I definitely no longer see Jesus as the son of the one God (Christianity). Jesus as history records, was the son of Mary and Joseph, most likely created by their very human love and not so much by a divine sperm floating down from the clouds. This is not to say that I don't think Jesus was a great man, history proves that he was certainly a revolutionary of his time and the gospels of his disciples indicate that he was certainly a good man. He probably even had divine inspiration, anyone who devotes their life to trying to improve the lives of others certainly has some holy inspiration from the universe. It is also entirely plausible that Jesus' soul rose three days after he died and that people saw him after his death, while not always believed in, in my opinion ghosts are totally real.

     Does this mean I think his body floated away? Not so much. When there is so much divinity in the way that grass grows or how the trees branch up to meet the sunlight I can't imagine him having to go all the way to Christian heaven to connect with the divine. I think his soul in all probability, seeking to further the good works he accomplished in his life, sought communion with his disciples and friends after his death to comfort and guide them.

Found this on Pinterest, the Bunny is just too cute!
      So on the day that everyone's wishing each other a Happy Easter because Jesus Christ is risen where does this leave us pagans who don't worship through Christianity. You could potentially celebrate it as an extension of the Spring Equinox Ostara, but personally that doesn't seem right to me, Ostara happened a month ago. Aside from the fact that I have two exams coming up in the next two days which means that today is a special studying day, I'm not really having any sort of special celebration. I'm really just happy the sun is shining and that the birds are singing. Maybe I'll meditate later on all the new life that's grown since Ostara and maybe not, maybe I'll just curl up and fall asleep with a bunch of historical facts bouncing around in my head for my exam.

     If you're a pagan whose wondering what you do when everybody's celebrating Easter I suggest you do whatever you want. Celebrate the new life of spring, go for a spiritual walk in the otherworld, warm your face in the sun, call your family, have a nap and rest up after winter. So long as you're not harming anyone there is no designated way that you should be celebrating Easter, celebrate it however your soul calls you to celebrate the day. And what do you say when people wish you a Happy Easter? Well, wish them a Happy Easter right back if you want, its spring and a pleasant greeting is nice whether your Christian or pagan or Buddhist. If you don't feel comfortable wishing them a Happy Easter then don't, respond with small talk about Spring its whatever makes you feel comfortable!!

     All that being said, Happy Spring, Happy Easter, Happy Easter Bunny, Happy Spring Chick, Happy Sunday, Happy Sunshine :)

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