Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A Bit Mental Health, A Bit Witchy, A Bit of Grounding, & My Overall Take On Meditating

    Excepting the last two weeks or so, I've gotten myself into the consistent habit of meditating a couple times of a week. Even though I have been diagnosed as clinically depressed, see a councillor, take anti-depressants and all that jazz, mental health wasn't the primary reason I began meditating. It wasn't so much that I doubted meditation would be beneficial for mental health, I just didn't have the motivation or calm space that I felt would allow me to meditate. I also didn't think that I'd be able to concentrate long enough to meditate, I figured my brain with its ten million different thoughts would simply overwhelm any inner peace I sought.

     Long (really just a few months) before I was able to see a councillor, I picked up Thea Sabin's book, Wicca For Beginners which taught me how to ground. In short grounding is the action of centring your soul or balancing your energies by rooting them to the earth. Though you don't have to be in a meditative state to ground (its possible to ground when its hectic at work and you need a breath of witchy before you start shooting lasers out of your eyes), I find that the act of grounding nonetheless brings on a meditative state. When I ground I can feel all of my energies connect with the earth through a network of roots (in my mind they sort of feel & look like tree roots), I am then able to release my negative energy so the ground can neutralize it, while I also take up what I call green energy (the earth's energy). By learning how to neutralize my negative energy and take in the earth's renewing energy I essentially began meditating without even realizing it.

      At first I was only able to ground for a few minutes let's say five but as I kept up my practice  this slowly lengthened to about ten minutes at which point I started to realize that what I was doing was bringing myself into a meditation. Despite my progress I didn't meditate that frequently, my 10 hour work days last summer simply didn't permit it, and besides I wasn't in a stable enough environment to truly be able to relax myself enough to meditate for any length of time.

     By last fall I was meditating about once a week, seeing my councillor every three weeks and suddenly it clicked, this meditation thing is not just a way for me to connect with my spirituality but also a way to settle my mind and take control of my depression! When my Fall term exams approached this got washed aside in all the busyness, I stopped making time to meditate, slightly apprehensive that my boyfriend would judge my witchy habits, as for me meditation is deeply rooted in my craft. However as time passed I was able to feel more comfortable in my own skin once again, and over the past few months, drawing courage from my boyfriend's lack of judgement about my spirituality, I picked up my meditating once again. Now I meditate at least two times a week, with him sitting next to me, sometimes he joins in, sometimes he plays DayZ at his computer I'm comfortable either way :)

     The majority of us, whether you're in the maiden, mother or crone stage of your journey, live with others which can, if you let it, prevent you from being able to meditate. To help combat the noisiness of my roommates I generally listen to soothing music during my meditations, usually enya or Celtic music because of my spiritual path. You can listen to just about anything when you meditate, its okay if it has lyrics so long as they fit into the rhythm of your meditation. Candles are optional but very much a favourite of mine as they bring the element of fire into my circle, a powerful cleansing and energizing element. I also find that holding my hands around the candle and feeling its energy helps me to concentrate. Sometimes, like today (I added Lavender) I'll add a bit of essential oil to my candle for a bit of aromatherapy but the addition of essential oils and scents really depends on my mood.

     Aside from a bit of noise blocking music, and maybe a candle or whatever helps calm you there is not a whole lot you need to meditate. I tend to incorporate symbols of my totem, hence the owls in the picture below, crystals, or witchbottles for their energies, but additions to you're meditation circle (or whether you make a meditation circle at all) are purely up to you! Also, you shouldn't worry about how long you meditate for, I aim for at least 15 minutes but sometimes my meditations can be an hour it really depends on the day, and how long you're attention span lasts. Just remember that in the end every little bit counts!

At Home Meditation Circle

      As someone who is diagnosed with depression I find that meditating on a semi-regular basis, or a couple times a week helps to regulate my moods. I fall into spells of depression far less, and have a generally calmer state of mind. For those of you who suffer from depression I would definitely recommend meditation as a way to calm your mind.

     What are your thoughts on meditation? Do you meditate? What do you use, is a candle part of your meditation


  1. Beautiful writing. It is very inspirational and it's truth that every little bit helps. Grounding is a big part of our craft and it is always there. No matter how busy or stressful your day is; it is always good to take a moment, breathe deeply, visualize the dark energy leaving you and welcoming the light fill you.
    Blessed Be

    1. Many thanks for visiting my page <3
      Grounding is truly so very essential!


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