Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Early Dewy Mornings

      This morning was an early one for me, normally I'm used to waking up around 9 am but today was a 7:30 kind of day. With a bad sleep and a bit of head cold I can't say I was all too pleased to crawl out of my bed this morning and trek across my campus to catch a greyhound bus so that I could make a 12:00 appointment in Toronto for my braces.

     But its all okay because I got to walk through the park near my house in the dewy air after the thundershowers early this morning. Although my head isn't feeling all that appreciative of the early morning, lack of coffee and persistent weather changes (gives my headaches), my spirit was overjoyed to be around all the dewy trees this morning. Each tree, bush and blade of grass seemed to be thanking mother earth for the blessing of early morning showers upon their leaves and roots.

    I think I'm going to catch a bit of shut eye (as best I can on a bus)

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