Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Musings on the Flower or Bright Moon -May Full Moon Esbat

      Tonight, according to my little widget (and the calendar) is the night of May's full moon or esbat. If you're new to witchcraft, an esbat is a celebration of the full moon whereas a sabbat is a celebration of the season. Anywho so tonight is May's esbat which, means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. For me as someone who is orienting their path towards the Celtic tradition May's full moon is called the Bright Moon. Try as I might I haven't found much information on why exactly the Celts chose to call this moon the bright moon or how for that matter they chose to celebrate it. I have a feeling that figuring out how the Celts celebrated their full moons is going to require quite a bit of book reading, however as at the moment I don't have access to said books, for the present I'm afraid I can't provide much clarity on the why or how of the Celtic Bright Moon.

      In addition to the Bright Moon, May's full moon is also called the Flower Moon according to the Algonquin and Native American traditions. For the Algonquin and Native American peoples, May's full moon was logically called the Flower Moon to emphasize the new life of spring that rose from the ground following April's rainy season in the western world. It is said that on the eve of the Flower Moon, flowers grow in the moonlight and dance in celebration.

      According to the Medieval English and more recent Wiccan traditions this full moon is also heralded as the Hare Moon. Julie from the Celtic Lady Blog described summarized that, "Pagans believed moon-gazing hares would bring growth, re-birth, abundance, new beginnings and fortune."

      I personally don't feel avery strong relation with the hare at this point in the season, for me the celebration of the hare and other rabbity creatures passed with Eostra. Even though I do relate very strong with the Celtic path I also find that certain aspects of Native American mythology resonate with my belief system and so I've decided to combine both Celtic and Algonquin beliefs to call the May's Full Moon, the Bright Flower Full Moon.

      To celebrate the Bright Flower Moon, I'm planning on having a simple energy renewal meditation at home. I'll probably incorporate some flowers into a circle around what ever candle I choose to meditate with tonight, just to add a bit of the floral nature of this esbat into my practice. Nothing to complicated though, I'm fighting a sore throat so the whole complicated ritual thing is not in the stars for me (also because after leaving Christianity intense rituals are just not my thing). So that's it a simple floral energy renewal meditation, simplicity is where its at for me.

Whether you are celebrating, a Bright Moon, Flower Moon, Hare Moon, Bright Flower Moon ;) or another name I haven't mentioned, I wish you a wonderful esbat!

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