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Smudging without the Flame -'A How To' for Smudgy Cleaning

      Correct me if I'm wrong here but it seems like lately smudging has become the popular thing to do. Now I'm not just talking about the Pagan, Witchy and Wiccan community here, I'm talking about Hipster, Indie, and gasp... even popular culture. About a month ago when I discovered BuzzFeed on youtube (I'm always late to catching on to popular culture) I kind of went through a massive amount of their youtube videos all at once (they're about 3-5 mins) and while I was procrastinating away watching endless amount of BuzzFeed I came across a video called,  Life Hacks Every Hippie Should Know (click on the title to watch it). About 3/4's of the way through I woman suddenly appeared holding a lit sage smudge stick and began smudging the room to get rid of bad energy. And well I was like....

       I'm not against people integrating smudging into their lives, as a witch who would like to not be seen as a satanist I'm all for aspects of the craft becoming popular knowledge in a positive way. That being said there was zero mention of the history of smudging in the video. I know its BuzzFeed but I'm a history major and that ain't cool! Also I find it slightly alarming that they didn't mention any fire safety things in case things went up in flames, pun intended. Its great that you want to get rid of negative energy but please, pretty please be careful to smudging involves a flame and flames create smoke and yes things can get smokey and no you don't want to die of smoke inhalation or set the apartment building on fire.....

      Ok I took a breath, back to calm Cloud of Sanity again.... so smudging. From what I understand smudging is the conscious desire and action to remove negative energy by burning a smudge stick, traditionally made from dried sage or lavender. The action of burning the herb releases the energy from inside the herbs, while the flame purifies ultimately cleansing the house/room/apartment of negative energy. 

       Although fire is the cleansing element traditionally used in a smudging ritual, I tend to use water when I smudge. I'm not talking about dipping the sage stick into a bucket of water and sprinkling it around the house (though I'm sure that could work too), when I cleanse the house of negative energy I mop. Incase you're making the owl "whaaat" face about right now I've included the process below for clarity. Just think of it like sweeping out the negativity with your broom or besom, its the same concept just with water and herbs.. 

Smudgy Cleaning

Note the ratios of essential oils I use aren't particularly significant just kinda what worked.

1. Add 2 drops of lavender & 2 drops of sage essential oil to 3 candles (4 drops/ candle)
- Light a candle in each room that you feel needs to be cleansed i.e. bedroom, bathroom, common room
*I used 3 candles to correspond with the Celtic power of 3* 

2. Add 2 drops of sage essential oil to your besom or broom and sweep away the negativity (If you're legitimately cleaning the house I recommend just using a regular broom). As you sweep say "I sweep out all negativity" or whatever phrase seems to fit best for you.

3. Once you've swept out all the negativity its time to do in the germs (and remaining bad energy). Add 2 drops of lavender & 2 drops of sage essential oil to your mop bucket and mop it all up. 

4. Pour yourself a beer and relax that was a lot of cleaning!

Smudging - Quick Historical Facts:

  • The use of herbs and smoke i.e. incense can be traced back to approximately 1350 B.C.
  • Smudging was initially a Native American practice and was later adopted by New Age Religions such as Wicca 
  • While there is some association between witches, disobedient Israelites and incense in the Bible there is little early information about witches and smudging
  • There is no mention of the term "smudge" in Cornell University's Division of Rare Materials and Manuscripts in the Witchcraft Collection.

Read More About Smudging Here:

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