Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Otherworldly Energy in the Misty Morning

      Once again I am on a relatively early morning bus heading to my orthodontist who works 2 hours away from where I currently live. Even though my brain and body were not very happy to crawl out of their warm blanket nest this morning, there is something wonderful about getting up early when the plants are still covered in dew and there’s a foggy mist hanging in the air. On the other hand it is not particularly lovely that woman who just sat in front of me smells like she bathed in perfume this morning, not necessary, a little soap, and a touch of fragrance will do, some people are allergic to strong perfume....

      Back to where I began with the misty morning air.... Aside from the fact that I was a tad on the sweaty side trekking across my campus to get to the bus stop, there was something particularly special about my morning walk, the energy. As an empath feeling other people’s energy is not out of the ordinary for me and as someone whose first real encounter with witchcraft was feeling the energy of the world around me, I’m not a stranger to the experience. But this morning the energy I’ve been feeling is particularly strong and its not just coming from a few things, like trees or some fae folk following me around, today the energy is everywhere.

     Everything around me, the very air itself seems to be buzzing with magic. I can feel it seeping into my bones and filling me up with every word I type and every breath I breathe. Although this isn’t my first time feeling the energy of the world this strongly, it is not by any means a common encounter for me, I can only count maybe a handful of times in the past year when I've felt it this strongly.

     So, while I’ve been sipping my green tea this morning I started to ponder... First of all the energy feels deep purple, dark forest green and ultramarine blue, and its otherworldly. I feel for certain that the energy is otherworldly but that’s where I’m stumped. I’m not sure whether I feel all of this magical energy around me because the veil is thinner today or because I myself have been getting more perceptive, or maybe a bit of both?!

     Either way I’m going to make sure I have my shields up so that I don’t take in any of the negative energy that could potentially be wandering around and enjoy the tingles while they last. Hope you have a wonderfully magical day, if you have any thoughts on why all this energy might be up and about or whether its my own reception strengthening, or have a similar experience to share please leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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