Monday, 9 June 2014

Playing a Bit of Catch Up + Thoughts on Game of Thrones Ascent & Penny Dreadful

      I know I haven’t been blogging as much as of late and for that I do offer my apologies. I could list all the different excuses but in the hopes that you are a human reading this and not an internet crawler or an outer space alien (if you are an alien, you are also welcome btw) you probably understand that living a human life is busy, busy, busy! On a side note saying, ‘busy, busy, busy’ always reminds
me of the magician in original Frosty the Snowman cartoon after Santa Clause sends him on his way.
Left: Magician,  Right: Frosty the Snowman
      What’ve I been up to lately? Well a bit of this and that. I went to see my orthodontist (who works 100km away from where I live) which is always a bit of a journey, visited my mom whose busy house hunting (send some goodwill & energy her way house hunting is proving a challenge), university always keeps me busy, and sending out a couple Etsy orders yay people like the things I make

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      As of yesterday I’ve also started playing a computer game called Game of Thrones Ascent. I love, love, love it and am totally addicted! For those of you who love GOT I totally recommend it. Its not violent in the sense that you’re not killing people like a FPS (first person shooter –learned the acronym last year I’m totally out of the video game thing). Its more of a strategy game that follows the GOT of thrones plot line. Like Simpsons Tapped Out (another game I’m totally addicted too :p ), you are sent on quests and such which take time to complete so in some senses it really is a bit of a waiting game. But for those of you who feel the incessant drive to level up in strategic computer games and also love fantasy or GOT I think you should give Game of Thrones Ascent a try... if you haven’t already ;)

     Another new thing that has captured my eye is a show called Penny Dreadful. Currently I’m four episodes in and I just have last night’s episode to catch up on. Essentially Penny Dreadful is classical horror story, paranormal, mystery, show set in the 19th century. By classical horror story I mean it incorporates the classic 19th century literary horror stories i.e. Dracula, Dorian Grey & Frankenstein. At the same it is also a paranormal show in the sense that it elaborates on the classics first by including quite a few characters from their stories as well as adding new elements i.e. a Texan whom I have some suspicions about but I will leave that up to you to figure out ;) The entire story is also set amidst the life of 19th century London, from plot to set to attire, there’s no cars racing about in this show! So far I’m really enjoying it and because it has so many twists and turns I’m super excited to see where it goes!

     Well that is for the night , its almost  midnight here and I should really get ready for some ZZZZZssss. Have a good night everyone and be sure to let me know in the comments if you’ve played Game of Thrones Ascent or are watching Penny Dreadful (please no spoilers though I don’t want to ruin it for anyone else!)

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