Sunday, 22 June 2014

Writing about Writing

    This June has been an exceedingly quiet blogging month for me, I haven't really had a a wordy month at all really. Aside from reading historical documents, and for my history classes I haven't done a lot with words as of late. I think that perhaps the tide of the seasons is however changing this in favour of the writing thing again. This morning after I went on the we're out of eggs for pancakes adventure and ended up with a suitable plate of pancakes (although they were  a bit denser), I felt the proverbial paper and quill stir in me again. So I sat myself down in bed (due to minimal space when I'm home my bed is currently my desk, office, couch and of course bed-- oh student living), and got out my laptop and zipped through editing my primary document analysis for school.

      Although it was all about school this morning by the afternoon, after some grocery shopping and a delicious burger out at The Works I'd settled into reading some witchy blogs (check out my blogshelf in the sidebar for some neat witch & pagan blogs) and I began feeling the witchy writer in my start to bounce about. While mopping up the floors about a half hour ago I had just about decided on writing a blog post on hedge witchery (interesting to read about not sure if I'm a fan of the whole worm-wood tea, flying ointment and seeing things deal though- Just a further note I have since broadened my mind on hedge witchery- we all make mistakes- read about that more here) or tarot but when I started typing my fingers apparently decided that I was going to write about writing, so more on those topics later.

      So here it goes, about two or three months ago I started writing a book. Gasp another writer, didn't see that one coming, I mean its not like she's writing a blog or anything. This is the third time I've started writing a book, the first two that I started in high-school were fiction and between the whirlwind of life and writers block they kind of got discarded. Unlike my last two books which I figured would end up being length volumes of wonderful prose this time I'm being realistic. My book isn't going to be particularly long, at most 100 pages (novel size not 8.5 by 11), nor will it be fiction. This time around I'm writing a nonfiction witchy book using some of the writing skills that I have hopefully improved over the last two years of this rather expensive university thing.

The Witches Sabbath, Painted in 1880 by Luis Ricardo Falero
 I'm hoping to finish writing it by the end of this calendar year, because without a deadline I think I'm probably just going to brush it off. I'm also hoping that by writing this I will have established a wee bit of accountability for myself to actually get it written. As to the subject? Well that's something for a later date, I can't ruin all the surprise now can I?!

       On that note now that my fingers are all warmed up and ready to go I think I'm going to go do some witchy writing of the book sort.

Have a Magical Summer Everyone!


  1. First, I am so honored that you have my little post in your sidebar :) I read every post of yours via email subscription but this one just compelled me to comment (I.e. Ramble).. I think hedge as a path can be so much more than journeying, ointments, tarot..etc.. I focus that way because my strong suit is seeing and of course jumping the hedge is part of it but to me it is more having that connection to spirit and the wild place, especially discovering those local and what they have to offer you in spirit.. But every path is wonderful and whatever path moves you is the right one.. The most important thing,is that you feel that connection.. No matter how you do it or flavor it ;) I look forward to hearing more about your book and again.. honored to even be noticed :)

    1. Thank you so much for commenting I absolutely love your blog! I've sometimes wondered whether I dabbled a bit with the hedge because I do have a very strong connection to the otherworld. With so much information on the hedge connected to witch's flying ointment I was starting to wonder whether or not such practices were an inherent part of the hedge path. As always I guess I have so very much more to learn! :)


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