Sunday, 6 July 2014

Connecting with My Guardians -Animal Spirit Oracle (Tarot) Cards Layout

      A couple of months ago I wrote a post about purchasing my first set of oracle cards, The Enchanted Oracle, which was illustrated by Jessica Galbreth. When I wrote that post I didn't really know the difference between oracle and tarot cards, or that one even existed. Actually I must confess that I didn't even know there was a real difference until the past week or so, oopsies. The idea of tarot and oracle isn't really that different, essentially they're just different languages. Put it this way, when you say Je t'aime in French and I love you in English you are saying the same thing just using a different language. One is not better than other, they are simply different ways to garner advice from the universe's magic.

       Okay, now that I've corrected that little misconception of mine, I just have to share with you an oracle deck I bought about two weeks ago called Animal Spirits, with illustrations by painter Susan Boulet. As the title suggests, the deck revolves around animals and derives all of its advice from Native American, Celtic, Egyptian and Hindu interpretations of the significance of said animals. The paintings themselves generally lean towards Native American art with the occasional Egyptian inspired piece. Each card has the painting of the animal on one side and then the symbology and historical/mythical interpretations of the animal on the back. The fact that the animal is expressed on both sides of the card makes it rather impossible to spread the cards out and then choose so for readings I generally do the stop shuffling and then pick the first three, five or however many cards, method.

        Aside from that wee setback, I absolutely LOVE these cards. Cannot say it enough. I feel a strong connection to Native American (well Native Canadian) spirituality, which means these cards are a huge bonus for me. They seem to hum with the beliefs of a thousand years of animism, so the moment I saw them I knew they had to come home with me. As a bit of an aside I bought mine in a little shop in T.O. called Gifts from the Earth which primarily sells crystals and has a beautifully peaceful energy.

Gull, more detail below...
         At first I'll admit that I did have a little trouble figuring out a good layout for the cards as the one I generally use for my enchanted oracle deck just didn't seem to fit, but since then I've seemed to figure it out. One of that layouts that I've used quite successfully and is completely perfect fit for this deck, is the connecting with your spirit guides (familiars, angels or what you please) layout.

       The spirit guides layout is beautifully simple, using just three cards 1. What your guides are helping you with, 2. How you're guides are helping you with this, and 3. How to connect with you spirit guides (modified from Daily Tarot Girl's post).

       My layout (seen above, left to right): 1. Fox, 2. Jaguar 3. Panther (the card laid across panther, gull,  was drawn afterwards for further clarification). Essentially this spread told me that my spirit guides were trying to help me access my creativity and cunning or knowledge (Fox), by providing me with a sense of wholeness through spirituality (Jaguar) and that I should aim to connect with them through strength (Leopard), specifically by strengthening my connection between the Earth and the spirit world (Gull's clarification).

^What the Back of the Cards Looks Like^

     Overall I would definitely recommend that anyone with a strong spiritual tie to aboriginal customs and, or animism look into purchasing this deck, it is absolutely wonderful!

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