Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Quick Witchy Book Update

     A little while ago in a blog post called, Writing about Writing  I mentioned that I was writing a book. At first I thought that my book would hit about 100 pages maximum, but lately I've come to accept that it will probably only hit about 50 pages. I'll admit that I've felt a little discouraged about the books length but I've come to accept that its better to just respect that this story is not super long and that that's alright. After all as they say, good things come in smsl packages :) Its going to be my first published book and if it sounds best in 50 pages then it sounds best in 50 pages.

      That being said I've just about hit the fifty page mark and finished writing my last chapter so I guess I'm done, well at least the writing process anyways. Now for the editing. I'm self publishing so its crucial that I spend a fair amount of time editing, the last thing I want to publish is a book full of typos!

       I've also begun cover design and am currently tweaking the title... things are really starting to get exciting!

        So I suppose that right about now I ought to give you guys a sneak peak or at least a hint as to what its all about...... Its not a fiction book so I can't really give you a snippet about the plot but I can tell you that it is about witchcraft. Actually it is about traditional witchcraft in particular, not a grimoire or book of shadows but a historical nonfiction approach to witchcraft.

       When the cover is all done I'll be sure to give you guys a sneak peak and perhaps even a giveaway....

      I hope you all have a blessed evening full of the moon's white light :)


  1. I know how you feel, I've written a couple of books and they ended up not that long. I think though, now that I have the bare bones, I might go and fill in and change things. Writing is an evolutionary process I reckon.

    1. I agree writing is very much a process. Hopefully as I get more experience writing I will be able to write a book a tad bit longer lol
      Best of luck to you on your writing journey!


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