Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Simple Morning Oracle or Tarot Spread

      This morning while having my shower, (yay for being clean!) I began pondering what sort of Oracle spread I'd like to do for the morning. For the past few days I've been doing a quick five card spread just to get an idea of how the day was going to roll, and both of my past two readings were essentially about writing my book. Apparently they were dead on too because I passed the 10 000 word count mark for my book last night, happy dance time!

       Today I sort of felt like switching it up from the five card reading but didn't feel like using a traditional spread, so I came up with my own:

Then once I was all dried off, I gathered my Enchanted Oracle Tarot Cards and began to shuffle. The cards I drew for today, were:
  1. Gypsy Rose - Representative of the wild,  carefree spirit of youth, ever changing and ever exploring.
  2. Maiden Moon - Symbolizes the moon and her cycles.
  3. Tattered Dreams - A sign that things don't always go as planned and people aren't who we always think they are but even then, that there is always hope and renewal. 

Considering that the moon is currently waxing or in the phase where it is growing to its fullest, it seems that today's energy is both ever changing like the growing moon, and wild just like Gypsy Rose. To best approach today's wild, growing and changing energy like tattered dreams, we must remember that even if the things don't go quite as we had thought, that all is not lost. We must flow with the wildness of the day and acknowledge that any 'downs' will soon be followed by 'ups' of hope and renewal. Today the winds blow with change, and we must hop on our brooms and ride them. 

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