Saturday, 23 August 2014

Witchy Dreams

        I haven't posted in quite sometime, a whole month practically but I guess that's just what happens when summer gets busy. For the past couple weeks I haven't been feeling like my usually writery self, which has thrown me off a bit after working so consistently on prepping my upcoming book for release this fall (I promise to do a cover reveal soon!!!). What I have been doing is giving my witchy store Itty Bitty Celtic Witch, which is still currently located on Etsy, a bit of a face lift. By face life I mean that I'm leaving the Etsy platform and moving my primary attention to the creation of Itty Bitty's very own website. Before I left for camping I put in quite a bit of work on its design so it should be up and running in September yay!

        I would say that my practice has sort of been put on the back burner but at the same time I can't really say that when witchy is who I am. Even though I haven't been meditating and haven't walked the hedge for about a month, my craft is still an ever present part of my life. When I was camping, we had a campsite that was beside the water, not on the beach but beside the lake and let me tell you, the energy was simply amazing! I can't even count how many times my hands got tingly with energy when I held them over the water or near the campfire. It felt fantastic! After being home a couple of days I can honestly say that I miss the strength of that energy. It was most definitely a soul renewing experience.

       The reason I was going to say that I've put the craft on the back burner is because since I've been home I haven't meditated, taken out my tarot or runes or done anything particularly spiritual. But even then I still dream. Its not the first time its happened but a few nights ago I had a very witchy dream, I could not only feel the energy swirling around me but also see it. When I moved my hands things moved, the sort of stuff that I wished would happen when I was little and watched Matilda. I primarily think that these sort of dreams are my subconscious reminding me that no matter what my practice is a part of me, whether I'm meditating or not I am a witch.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Two Cents on Apocalyptic Witchcraft

    Within the past month or so I've seen quite a few blogs address the issue of apocalyptic witchcraft. And so I've decided that its high time a gave my two cents.

      To put this in some context, apocalyptic witchcraft is similar to what might be called radical green witchcraft. It is a practice of the craft that calls a witch to not only tend to the natural world but further, to do so while acknowledging that humanity has destroyed most of nature. Yes we helped cause global warming, I'm not denying that, but at the same time is there a need to pair that with a declaration that when we are all dead that the trees will reclaim their right full place without a thought to our by now extinct human race? Not in my opinion there isn't.

     I don't know about you but I've built some strong relationships with tree spirits. I tend to my plants with love, my boyfriend and I rush out to our balcony when it gets windy to rescue my green babies from the wind. I can't imagine that the such spiritual beings as plants would simply grow over our graves with giddy delight at the idea that we were all gone or with nonchalance because we had presumably done this to ourselves. I'm not saying that plants would remember us because we are humans and the highest form of evolution and blah blah blah but because we (at least some of us) made friends with them. To me that is the largest fault with this theory, the fact that it presumes to know how trees and plants will spiritually react if we go extinct because of global warming.

     So I guess to wrap it up, you could say I'm simply not a follower of apocalyptic witchcraft. Personally I think that the relationships we build with the natural world will endure, no matter what happens because those spiritual relationships that are built with honesty and good intent never truly disappear.
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