Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Crystal Dreaming

         Ever since I started working with crystals a few months ago (around May), I've been dreaming of crystals. I'm not talking about the expensive kind, or the kind that we see in commercials for jewellery stores, I'm talking about bare butt naked rocks tumbled or raw, like quartz, amethyst, calcite, nummite and so on.I might not dream of them every night but at least once a month probably more like a couple times a month I have a dream about them.

        If I'm not mistaken one of the first crystal dreams I've had, was about lapis lazuli. For some odd reason I was in a crystal shop (in the dream) located in the stereotypical west, i.e. where the deer and antelope roam. I've still no idea why I was in cowboy country but either way I was in a crystal store. While there I was hovering my hand over the crystals in the shop the way that I hover my hand and over things to feel for their energy.While I was a hovering over the lapis lazuli it literally jumped into my hand, like harry potter in the wand store.

       Then last night I dreamt of quartz on a whole other level. Okay so you're probably wondering how the heck it gets more next level then stuff flying into your hands, or maybe you're not because you've already dreamt something like this. But, in case you haven't been crystal dreaming, here's what happened.

      So there I was in my dream at my old house in the backyard I grew up playing in and even though the yard was quite a bit larger in my dream, I knew it was my old home. I wasn't alone in the yard there were at least 10 others there, maybe more, and we were all standing in a circle holding a circular piece of rope with a clear quartz crystal in it every few inches or so. While standing in the circle each of us grabbed at least two crystals in each palm and wrapped our wrists in the rope. Then, this is where it gets really odd, we all started levitating. Yes, levitating, floating in the air still in that circular formation for a few seconds (which seemed like eternity) before we all came back to the ground again with some people levitating longer than others (like me).

      I'm not sure whether I levitated longer because it was my dream or what but nonetheless I still levitated with a bunch of people holding on to a piece of quartz crystal. Needless to say I'm carrying my quartz with me today, and on the off chance I started levitating in reality I'll let you know.

For those of you who are following me on youtube here's the latest vid:
Mabon, Halloween, Samhain Witchy Haul 

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