Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Having a Day

     Today started with an early wake up at 6:15 am a run round my half unpacked apartment getting dressed and doing the almost daily search for my glasses. I should've got up fifteen minutes earlier but I didn't, which meant that when I left my home at 6:30 am I realized I had 25 minutes until my greyhound to Toronto arrived and the bus to tale me to the terminal wouldn't show up for an extra 13 mins. So I raced around the corner to try and see if another bus could get me to to the terminal earlier only to realize the first bus would come sooner so I raced back to the bus stop, got on that bus and arrived at the terminal as I watched my greyhound to Toronto pull away.

      The whole point of getting to that bus was to make an orthodontist appointment at 10:00 am and I knew the next greyhound would not get me there until 10:30 so I figured I'd try my luck with the go train or via rail. After walking fifteen minutes to the train station half dazed I was informed that I had in fact missed the train by fifteen minutes... apparently all the buses leave Kitchener at 7am. So I bought a go bus ticket and waited for an hour or so to get on the first of two buses. All went smoothly with that until we hit a wall of traffic and I missed my connection. Finally I got off the final bus at 11:00 am about four and a half hours after I'd woken up without so much as a sip of water in the meantime because the train station where I waited for an hour didn't even have a sketchy coffee place nearby let alone a vending machine.

      By the time I got to my appointment my orthodontist was climbing into a taxi to head to a conference and so the hygienists saw me. Thankfully that went smoothly though my new retainer is starting to make my teeth a little sore. Then I went to breakfast or rather brunch by that time and while showing a family member my new phone she noticed it had a crack. I bought it yesterday. Needless to say I was not pleased.

      Things did cheer up this afternoon though and I found some nice new flats at Walmart because ironically an older pair of flats I own that I purchased from Walmart has lasted me longer than a pair I bought from Browns. I also had a lovely dinner with my family.

       Today was a long day and I'm super tired and looking forward to and early bedtime. Took my inhalers too cuz my asthmas all hating on me right now because I'm visiting a house with fur creatures. Ah well.

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