Saturday, 13 September 2014

Meeting the Morrighan

      I started writing this post on my phone but I'm having a technologically inept moment and can't seem to transfer it to my email, deep sigh... so I decided to just rewrite it here.

      A couple of days ago after watching some witchy youtube I decided that I needed a little mediation for me, just to centre myself and all that jazz. So I got all comfy, made my circle, lit a candle, put my chunk of rose quartz in one hand and nummite in the other (which is good for shamanic work). So there I am all comfy and settled in my circle quietly repeating a mantra of peace and blessings when all of a sudden I felt this black energy begin to swirl inside my circle. Now, black energy or energy that is coloured black isn't always bad, after all don't we use black candles for banishing and the new moon for regeneration? But this time I wasn't entirely sure what was up and I certainly was not about to willy nilly trust this random energy that was swirling inside my circle, so I gathered up my light and blasted my circle and shortly thereafter, with some much appreciated help from my spirit guides said black energy disappears.

       Okay cool, so the black energy is gone and I'm still relatively calm inside my circle when I realize that oh hey I'm on the hedge. I didn't really plan for this to be a hedgy adventure but that is the way of the craft, sometimes surprises happen. So anyways there I am with a foot in the Otherworld when I feel a different black energy begin to swirl. This time its much blacker or I guess you could say a purer black, and it wasn't all around me or in my circle. This time it was off to my left, which would have been a southern direction and it was all around a specific entity. It was also more than just black, the energy was also intermingled with a deep dark red, almost like blood or crimson. Instantly I got the feeling that the Morrighan was visiting.

       I've had the feeling that the Morrighan has been around before but never had her energy come so close to me. I didn't see her face, or any sort of physical figure I just got the overwhelming sense that this was her. To top it off I felt the presence of a crow (or possibly raven I have a hard time distinguishing between the two) at the same time her energy appeared before me in the otherworld. Even when I came back to Earth just moments later, the crow's energy remained nearby (though I felt she was herself still in the Otherworld), for the rest of the evening.

      After that I placed down my nummite, having had quite enough hedgy for the night, and clasped the rose quartz between my palms and filled my home with sparkling love energy just to be safe. I did thank her for her visit right after I was back in my room, but I think I'll figure out a way to honour her a bit more in the future, after a wee rest that is.

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