Monday, 13 October 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

     It seems this past month has simply whirled past with the changing season. Moving in, starting school, starting a new YouTube channel and opening my new Itty Bitty Celtic Witch shop have kept me more than a little busy. And last but not least I just celebrated my one year anniversary with my incredibly amazing boyfriend this past week!!! <3

    Since my Morrighan post I really haven't had many hedgey experiences. I suppose its more so because I haven't made the time. I've settled down once or twice to start a meditation but I haven't walked the hedge in at least a month, my head just hasn't been settled enough. Even though I haven't been walking the hedge I've still been up to witchy activities. I recently went on a walk through my nearby park and was able to sit down and feel comfortable doing my first ritual/spell work in the open. I was even comfortable enough to film it, if you're curious take a peek here.

     I've also started making spell candles, for home, love, prosperity and even an earth elemental candle which I am particularly pleased with. I did try and make some lavender cleansing ones but I made a boo boo and they didn't turn out very pretty so instead of selling those ones I am enjoying their perfect imperfections myself :)

     I think the largest witchy experience that sticks out in my mind from this past month is really a collection of my experiences of making YouTube videos. The YouTube community, like this blogging community is truly so incredibly friendly and I've met so many new witchy people that have wonderful advice and information. For me as a solitary witch, its kind of like my online coven whom I am able to share my experiences with, even though I practice my rituals and spells by myself and I love it.

     So that's a bit of what's going on in my life at the moment! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend whether you're in Canada or elsewhere!!!

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