Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Memory of Winter

Today as I was walking to my office hours (I am a volunteer secretary for the History Society at my school), I felt very strongly for the first time this season that the energy was shifting towards winter. The air seems to be filled with the memory of winter, its almost as if the earth up here in the Northern hemisphere is remembering how to fall asleep. And as I was walking I literally felt like I could feel the memories of past winters drifting by me as my body was trying to sync up with the earth.

I think we forget how deeply intertwined with nature we are, even as witches. I feel that I constantly have to pull myself out of the drone of daily tasks or rather that I find myself pulled out of it when I remember nature around me. Then suddenly there I am just sitting still typing away on the internet or doing the dishes and I notice that the sun has set and feel the moon's energy increasing, even though from my basement apartment I can't actually see the moon.

Maybe its yesterday having been Remembrance day or just simply the time of year but either way I feel that the essence of memory is just swirling everywhere right now.

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