Saturday, 6 December 2014

Energy Spirit Workings

      The witchy pull to work in the hedge is back again, of that I have no doubt.This past November I've found that spiritually my witchy self just hasn't been in the game so to speak, from fewer videos to fewer Itty Bitty Celtic Witch FB posts. I haven't been working on my shop as much either or my books, I've really just been taking a spiritual respite. However as I was saying, now, or for the time being at least my witchy drive is back. I did a tarot pull the night before last and again tonight after I settled in to do one of the first of my more formal (for lack of a better word) workings, something I haven't done in quiet some time...

     I set out my green scarf on the carpet, feeling a strong pull to use symbols of Cernunnos and also lit a candle I'd made specifically for Cernunnos (if you're interested you can buy a trio of my homemade Cernunnos candles) as well as a couple other simple white tea lights. I laid out my wand, prehnite, nuumite, phantom quartz and one other crystal that is escaping my mind at the moment. I lit my patchouli incense, grabbed some tissues (because I always get a runny nose) and set my tarot off to the side as well as an adult beverage that I'd been sipping on earlier. Then, after pressing play on my Yggdrasil soundtrack and popping on my headphones I was ready.

     After a little bit maybe seven minutes my spirit guides showed up and I ran as my wolf for a while (not sure how long in real time could have been five minutes could have been thirty seconds). I couldn't tell you where we were not because I don't want to but because I truly don't know there was almost no landscape though I could sense forest, I think that's probably because I haven't been in tune enough lately to hone my visualization skills.

      Then I was me again or rather my spirit, the energy inside of me, searching through a black shadow (not necessarily negative black just a void) winding my way through my own path. On my journey I passed a few different flashes of colour, maybe three which in my practice I recognize as the energies of others but I didn't pause to stop until I reached my golden yellow destination. Here I lingered and danced with my yellow before returning back to my room where physical me had gained the sniffles and needed the tissues I had set out earlier.

    I paused for a moment did a tarot pull, rested with my music then blew out the candles.

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