Monday, 21 September 2015

Weekly Tarot Reading Sept 21 - 26

    Fooled ya! Nope I didn't forget I just got crazy busy with school, as last week was my first week of my final year of undergraduate studies at university. Settling into routines and gettings my readings on the go kind of got everything all up in the air and alas I didn't get a chance to post until today once again. Ah well we take these things at they come, right ?!

    For this week's reading I pulled four cards, the first of which jumped out of my deck and said pick me! Which suggests the supreme influential factor governing the multiple different aspects of this week, the last three cards being the various aspects we can expect to encounter in the coming week.

    Oh and for those who are curious all four cards were drawn from the Wildwood Tarot.

Supreme Influence: The Green Man ~ Changes in the Earth
Aspect 1: Ten of Stones ~ Home
Aspect 2: Knight of Vessels ~ Wisdom
Aspect 3: The Moon on Water ~ Inner Transformation

        The Green Man's appearance as the strongest influenceof this week calls us to recognize how deeply the environmental changes surrounding us are affecting our daily lives. I live in Canada in the Northern Hemisphere which means that this Wednesday, September 23 will bring the Autumnal Equinox and the festival or sabbat Mabon. The earth is changing, preparing for slumber and reminding us to pull in the last of our harvest and finish our winter preparations before the frost begins to settle. Pay attention to how this seasonal change is affecting your life this week and take a moment to honour the bounty that the earth has provided us.

       The Ten of Stones reminds us of the importance of recognizing and honouring the home. Whether this is represented as a physical home, the outdoor environment surrounding us or our social home with our family, friends and loved ones, or all of the above is left up to our own interpretations. But the message remains clear that this week, we need to honour the home and in return it will bring us solace and comfort. The Knight of Vessels melds with The Moon on Water calling us to use our wisdom as inner transformations unfold. Whether those around you or you yourself are experiencing these transformations take time to reflect and draw on your own intuitive wisdom to guide your actions and decisions.

      Overall, this week is a time to seek solace in, and honour the home as our wisdom calls us to address our own inner transformations and, or those of others, and further reminds us to honour our larger earthy home as it enters into a time of seasonal change.

Many Blessings,
The Itty Bitty Celtic Witch

Monday, 14 September 2015

Weekly Tarot Reading Sept 14 - Sept 19

     So I'm a day late in posting this (and doing the reading, which happened this morning) but the Weekly Tarot Reading is here nonetheless! Bet you thought that after I didn't get to it last week that I'd forgotten all about them eh? I wouldn't blame you if you did I might've come to the exact same conclusion about myself had I not mustered up the motivation to do the reading this morning. But I did do the reading and that is what counts :)

      For this week's reading I pulled three cards from the Druid Animal Oracle Deck that represent the beginning, middle and end of the upcoming week.

Beginning ~  Fox: Diplomacy.
Middle ~ Cat: Observation.
End ~ Air Dragon: Insight.

      This reading suggests that this week will be ruled by cautious attitudes and obersvation which will ultimately lead us to towards insight. Fox brings the need for diplomacy to the beginning of the week, cautioning us that now is the time to choose our words carefully. However, Fox also warns us not to get so caught up in our own personal diplomacies that we end up speaking dishonestly or keeping so quiet that we fail to stick up for ourselves or others. Cat then suggests that the middle of the week is a time for quiet observation. Notice where your diplomatic tongue has lead you or simply make yourself more aware of the environment around you and how the energies are flowing. Reflect and observe. By the week's end this contemplation will lead us to Air Dragon's insight and clarity of thought.

Many Blessings,


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Time for a Rain Dance

      The weather forecast has been predicting a good rain and thunderstorm for about two weeks now and all we've gotten in my kneck of the woods is the tiniest little pit-patter of rain here and there. Normally I'm all for a sunny day but the heat, humidity and continual flaunting of a chance of rain that never appears have me pining for a good thunderstorm to clear the air.

     Thankfully the occasional pit-patter of rain has given the energy a little bit of an occasional refresher. About two weeks ago, there was a thunderstorm that was continually put off for about a week making the energy, and the air stagnant. I went a little crazy that week, between the weather, the heat and the stagnant energy I would've been happy to jump on a plane and be anywhere else. But we did get a little bit of rain which seemed to refresh things a little even if not as much as I would have liked.

    There was also supposed to be a thunderstorm a few days ago (which never happened) and another one either tonight or tommorrow and for once I have my fingers crossed that it will rain. I don't care whether its in the middle of the day or the middle of the night, I just want a good thunderstorm to cleanse the air, and things off! So if anyone out there is inclined to do a little rain dance but don't want it to rain in their neck of the woods, just send out the intention to Ontario, at least one person here would be greatful for it!

    Anywhoodles hope you all have a lovely week!

Many Blessings,


Sunday, 30 August 2015

Weekly Tarot Reading - Aug 30 - Sept 5

       I did this reading slightly differently than last week's there is not so much of a focus on begining, middle and end of week as there is the energies that will influence the entire week. For this week's reading I used the Druidcraft deck, I hope it offers you guidance and clarity.

Energies Influencing this Week:
~ Seven of Pentacles (Reversed)
~ Eight of Cups

Guidance to Help you Make the Best of your Week:
~ Cernunnos

     The combination of the reversed Seven of Pentacles and the Eight of Cups indicates that this week will largely be influenced by dissatifisfaction with work. You may become worried or impatient with your own work ethic or the recognition you are receiving, leading you to feel melancholic in other areas of your life. Towards the middle of the week these feelings will push you to recognize which goals are no longer fulfilling and further, to change your direction and travel to new destinations whether physically, mentally, or spiritually.

      Cernunnos advises that in order to make the best of your week that you accept responsibility for the actions and goals which have brought you melancholy but also that you move beyond them. Get in touch with the wildness of your soul and connect once more with nature to provide you with the clarity you need to change directions.

     Additionally, the imagery of greenery and streams, indicates that this week will largely be ruled by the Elements of Earth and Water.

Many Blessings,


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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Weekly Tarot Reading for Aug 23 - 29

    So this morning as I sipped my cup of decaf and stared out the window at the sunshiney sky, I thought it was about high-time that I started sharing some tarot readings with you guys. So from now on, if I can get myself all organized :p I'm going to post a general Weekly Tarot Reading for the coming week ahead, every Sunday. 

     This Weekly Tarot Reading consists of three cards, the first addresses the begining of the week, the second the middle and the third, the end of the week. For this week's reading I used the Druid Animal Oracle which I am reaquainting myself with after we took a bit of  a break from each other.

    So without further ado here it goes!

~From Left to Right~
Beginning of the Week: Goose 
Middle of the Week: Wren
End of the Week: Cow

      Goose indicates that the beginning of the week will be filled with creative and stable energies. The Goose represents commitment in long-term relationships, partnerships and endeavours suggesting that what is addressed in the beginning of the week will be guided by the stability of long-term support. If you are seeking to futher your relationship, partnership, business venture, or goals, and determine their respective futures, the beginning of the week is the time to do so. Additionally, if you are a creative spirit, spend time with your artistic nature this week, especially at the beginning as you will find stable support at this time.

     The Wren though a physically small creature is also mighty and calls you to pay attention to the little things by mid-week. Whether it be holding the door open for someone, remembering to say thank you, or putting that extra bit of attention into a project rather than just pushing it aside, even the smallest of things you do this week will be of consequence.

     The Cow emphasizes that by week's end you will feel a motherly, nurturing and supportive energy guiding your actions. The Cow does not ask you to do anything to recieve this maternal, loving energy but simply to open yourself up to its beauty, peace and caring.

      Overall, this week will be filled with support from beginning to end. Engage in creative activities and pay attention to the small things because every little action counts this week! 

Many Blessings,


p.s. The crystals depicted in the above reading are, quartz, rough ametrine and quartz, from left to right. If you would like to purchase your own rough ametrine or a personalized tarot reading please visit my Etsy shop:

Thursday, 20 August 2015

On Depression, Mental Health & Getting Over It

      So I realize the last part of the title sort of suggests that I might be saying that if you have depression or another mental health disorder that you should just go and get over it. Like maybe snapping your fingers or something will make it all better, but I'm not, well not entirely.

      Having dealt with depression in my past I know from experience that it is not something that you can just snap your fingers and get over as nice as that would be. For me depression happened at a point in my life where everything just seemed to be way beyond my control and after holding it all in for too long I just kind of went kaput and laid in bed without an apetite staring at the ceiling for a month.

      After about a month of that and a break down at work I decided enough was enough and went on a low dose anti-depressant for about a year (Cipralex). The first two weeks of anti-depressants were pretty rough. My apetite didn't return right away and no magical happy fairies appeared to make it all go away. I also got jittery and yawned all the time, like all the time. But it didn't last. After about two weeks ago I calmed down to the point where I could look at food again and actually want to eat and wasn't all shaky and yawning. My attention span came back as well. I went from not being able to read two pages of a book to reading four or so 500 page books over two months (from the Wheel of Time series if you're curious), you literally could not tear me away from a book, just like my bibliophile self was used to before everything went all crazy pants in my brain.

    In my opinion anti-depressants are a way to get out of the place where you don't want to get out of bed. They aren't the full solution, not by a long shot but they got me out of my bed and wanting to do the things I loved, like reading.

    But back to the beginning where I suggested that maybe there is something in just making yourself move past it, because I truly believe that will-power was one of the primary things that kept me going. I knew I need help so I got it, I talked to a councellor for as long as I needed to, and sought support from friends, and friends who knew what depression felt like. It might seem scary to ask friends and tell friends about how you feel but in my case it helped alot. Support is pretty damn essential.

    You also need to be ready to want to help yourself. If you don't want to help yourself chances are you won't get better and you won't be happy. If you want to get better, you have to want to get better.
   So my advice? Find your reason for wanting to get better whether it is wanting to be able to get out of bed, wanting to read a book or more importantly because you're worth it and then, do it. Find the help you need and actually talk about your problems with people like councellors, don't just skirt around them, after all that's what they are there for.

    Also, invest a little energy in believing in your own will power because if you can will yourself to get out of bed and go for a walk in nature one morning then there's a stronger chance that the next day going for that walk will be a little bit easier.

Many Blessings,


Saturday, 15 August 2015

Pumpkins & Things

        It might be the last days of August, and thus technically still summer but my brain is already off somewhere in the land of autumnal joy. Autumn is undeniably my favourite season and always has been, even since before I began this earthy path. There is just something delicious about knowing that the leaves will soon begin to change colours and that the weather will begin to cool.

        Even though it hasn't even hit September yet, all the summertime vases in my home have already been replaced with autumny flowers (albeit fakes ones, the real ones wilt too fast so I prefer to dry them). I also have a fall wreath up complete with orangey, yellow and red maple leaves, which I got for a bargain at Value Village, only cost $2.99! *Squee Happy Dance for Bargains!*
Fall Owl Vase
        Over the past week or so I've also started prepping the shop for Fall bit by bit. New fall fragrances for my candles arrived a few days ago and I've already made some Pleasantly Pumpkin soy votives and tealights for the upcoming Harvest Sabbat on the Autumn Equinox which lands on September 23 this year. If you're interested in celebrating the Equinox with them you should think about purchasing them soon so that they get to you on time for your celebrations :)
Pleasantly Pumpkin Soy Tealights
       I'm also working on a printable BOS, Grimoire, Information sheet on the Harvest Sabbat commonly known as Mabon to help provide those who are interested with a little bit more information on what the whole celebration is about anyways. I'll be sure to let you guys know when that is ready. Hopefully by the end of this coming week if not sooner.
Pleasantly Pumpkin Soy Votive Candle
      Anywhoodle, I'm off to go bask in the pumpkiny smells around my home, have a wonderful Saturday!

Many Blessings,

The Itty Bitty Celtic Witch


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Thoughts and Rambles

       It's been a while since I've written anything on this blog, although I posted a few graphics I made several months back its been a while since I've written anything with some word meat to it. For a little bit I decided to transfer my blog over to my Itty Bitty Celtic Witch website, but with the renewal fees coming up and my general love of this blog I've decided that I am going to stick with writing here on Little Cloud of Sanity.... atleast until another one of my whims hits.

      Its been a busy couple months since the last time I've posted. I'm about to enter my last year of undergraduate studies in history at the University of Waterloo, so hopefully by this time next year I'll actually have a BA if everything goes to plan of course. Of course enterring fourth year means things will be incredibly busy but hopefully I'll still make the time to have a little chat on zis blog.

      While I've been away I've actually been up to quite a bit. In April I went to Cuba and danced in the warm waters of the Atlantic for the first time, I've spent many summers visiting Nova Scotia and danced in the colder waters of the Atlantic but had never set foot in the warmer side of the ocean until April. It was probably one of the most magical experiences I have had ever. I even said a little prayer to the Ocean Goddess and a perfect little seashell washed up upon my feet moments later. To me it felt like Ocean was saying I hear you, you are not alone.

Me in warm Cuban waters

      Then shortly after I got home I started classes again in May as I study through the summer. Its easier for my mind to not have a four month break between classes and also means I'm actually probably going to graduate on time. So for the next months until July I was buried in the land of Totalitarianism because even though I was techically in a course on Modern Europe, which should have covered topics from the French Revolution to the Cold Warm my prof had some sort of fixation on Totalitarianism, Hitler, Stalin and various other East European dictatorships and needing the credit I was stuck. But that's all over now *does happy dance* so I can once again read history things I care more about like the Tudors.

     Online I've also been pretty busy the past few months, even if not on my blog. I've actually stuck to my schedule of having a video posted on my Itty Bitty Celtic Witch YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday with the rare exception. And, I've also done a video pretty much every Wednesday for the YouTube collab channel Starting Out Solitary since Februaryish which has definitely kept me busy.

    I also still post regularly on my Itty Bitty Celtic Witch FB page though FB has this horrid tendency of only wanting to show paid posts so quite often my own little inspiration graphics or Etsy shop updates don't get seen as widely.

Waxing Moon Tealights

     Speaking of the shop Itty Bitty Celtic Witch on Etsy has also kept me exceptionally busy! I'm up to around 170 listings now with items ranging from spell candles to spell oils to crystal jewelry as well as tumbled and raw crystals. I really, really love sharing my mystical practices with others through Etsy. It gives me the opportunity to share my creations with people I would never have reached otherwise and I've also met a couple of really lovely people on Etsy such as Valrie from SpiralSunHerbals and Trace&Smoeii from PurpleDaisyAlchemy.

    Also before I forget, there's still one day left of the MidSummer Sale I am hosting on Etsy its on until August 10, just use Coupon Code: MIDSUMMER to receive 15% off if you are so inclined.

Anywhoodles I think that about wraps it up, talk soon!


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Some Artsy Things

      After visiting my mom at the Oshawa Art Gallery I decided to finally get off my bum and scan some of my own artwork. I haven't quite found the right place for prints yet so I've decided to sell my artwork as downloadable pieces for you to print at home :) If you get a chance take a peak and let me know what you think!

You can check out my Fine Art Downloadables Here:

Monday, 9 February 2015

Witchcraft Journaling

Normally I don't journal after meditating or doing a ritual, crafting a spell or what not.  When I started my practice what with all the new feelings about magick I just thought it was silly. I felt silly. Heck I even felt that writing magick with a k was silly now I find myself using it without realization.
For ages Journaling to me seemed silly or something that Wiccans did. I don't mean to offend Wiccan individuals but when you're bombarded with Wicca 
the moment you actively begin participating in the craft,  it's easy to get overwhelmed and off-put.
So need less to say I didn't.  Just over a year and a half later, here I am starting an attempt to journal about my craft once again. It's not a Book of Shadows because I am not Wiccan and neither is it entirely a Grimoire or Spell Book. I think for me it is simply a collection of thoughts, learnings and experiences. I want to write but I know that labeling it will make me feel suffocated, enclosed and reluctant to partake in something I actually enjoy.
If you have thoughts about your journaling experiences please share them, I'm curious to see what others think.
Many Blessings,

Friday, 23 January 2015

Otherworldly Snippets

I close my eyes. The energy pulses from her, the spirit of my pink rose quartz pendulum. My hands drift above her, feeling the magnetic pulse and I'm over the hedge.

In snippets and snapshots I enter the otherworld. A foggy meadow is below me. Snap. Ravens fly and a lady dressed in a hooded black cape stands before me, the sky is a foggy soft blue. Snap. And there are two, two ethereal ladies stand before me one robed in white on my left the other in black. The lady in white has golden hair like the sun, the lady in black is of swirling ravens and a tinge of darkness. I want to follow the lady in white, I've had enough of the dark for today but they drift away..

The name Branwen flits across my mind drifting. I feel she is surrounded my meadows and flowers. Strange for it is Brighid's season... or is it? With my love of it and Valentines drawing near has Branwen come calling once more?

I lose focus and I am home.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Working Through a Mood

So I'm not in a good mood right now. I'm not grumpy or cranky though, I'm just not too happy with me. I don't like my skin I don't like my hair (even though I'm about to go to bed and shouldn't be worrying about that), I'm upset with myself for not writing enough or blogging enough and so the list goes on. I could lie about all this but then I'd just have another reason to feel bad so I'm telling the truth.
I had a really good day for almost all of today too which makes this seem even worse to my brain. I'm basically getting upset with myself for getting upset, which is just nonsense to the logical part of my brain.
The good thing is, is that I've started feeling better at about this point in the blog post. Writing is a release for me, always has been and always will be. So that is something to be happy about because I'm blogging which is what I just said I was upset about for not doing so yay me!
Now that I'm feeling a bit better I think I shall go stare at the ceiling and think up witchy things for my etsy shop.
☆♡☆ Blessings ☆♡☆
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