Friday, 23 January 2015

Otherworldly Snippets

I close my eyes. The energy pulses from her, the spirit of my pink rose quartz pendulum. My hands drift above her, feeling the magnetic pulse and I'm over the hedge.

In snippets and snapshots I enter the otherworld. A foggy meadow is below me. Snap. Ravens fly and a lady dressed in a hooded black cape stands before me, the sky is a foggy soft blue. Snap. And there are two, two ethereal ladies stand before me one robed in white on my left the other in black. The lady in white has golden hair like the sun, the lady in black is of swirling ravens and a tinge of darkness. I want to follow the lady in white, I've had enough of the dark for today but they drift away..

The name Branwen flits across my mind drifting. I feel she is surrounded my meadows and flowers. Strange for it is Brighid's season... or is it? With my love of it and Valentines drawing near has Branwen come calling once more?

I lose focus and I am home.

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