Saturday, 15 August 2015

Pumpkins & Things

        It might be the last days of August, and thus technically still summer but my brain is already off somewhere in the land of autumnal joy. Autumn is undeniably my favourite season and always has been, even since before I began this earthy path. There is just something delicious about knowing that the leaves will soon begin to change colours and that the weather will begin to cool.

        Even though it hasn't even hit September yet, all the summertime vases in my home have already been replaced with autumny flowers (albeit fakes ones, the real ones wilt too fast so I prefer to dry them). I also have a fall wreath up complete with orangey, yellow and red maple leaves, which I got for a bargain at Value Village, only cost $2.99! *Squee Happy Dance for Bargains!*
Fall Owl Vase
        Over the past week or so I've also started prepping the shop for Fall bit by bit. New fall fragrances for my candles arrived a few days ago and I've already made some Pleasantly Pumpkin soy votives and tealights for the upcoming Harvest Sabbat on the Autumn Equinox which lands on September 23 this year. If you're interested in celebrating the Equinox with them you should think about purchasing them soon so that they get to you on time for your celebrations :)
Pleasantly Pumpkin Soy Tealights
       I'm also working on a printable BOS, Grimoire, Information sheet on the Harvest Sabbat commonly known as Mabon to help provide those who are interested with a little bit more information on what the whole celebration is about anyways. I'll be sure to let you guys know when that is ready. Hopefully by the end of this coming week if not sooner.
Pleasantly Pumpkin Soy Votive Candle
      Anywhoodle, I'm off to go bask in the pumpkiny smells around my home, have a wonderful Saturday!

Many Blessings,

The Itty Bitty Celtic Witch


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