Sunday, 9 August 2015

Thoughts and Rambles

       It's been a while since I've written anything on this blog, although I posted a few graphics I made several months back its been a while since I've written anything with some word meat to it. For a little bit I decided to transfer my blog over to my Itty Bitty Celtic Witch website, but with the renewal fees coming up and my general love of this blog I've decided that I am going to stick with writing here on Little Cloud of Sanity.... atleast until another one of my whims hits.

      Its been a busy couple months since the last time I've posted. I'm about to enter my last year of undergraduate studies in history at the University of Waterloo, so hopefully by this time next year I'll actually have a BA if everything goes to plan of course. Of course enterring fourth year means things will be incredibly busy but hopefully I'll still make the time to have a little chat on zis blog.

      While I've been away I've actually been up to quite a bit. In April I went to Cuba and danced in the warm waters of the Atlantic for the first time, I've spent many summers visiting Nova Scotia and danced in the colder waters of the Atlantic but had never set foot in the warmer side of the ocean until April. It was probably one of the most magical experiences I have had ever. I even said a little prayer to the Ocean Goddess and a perfect little seashell washed up upon my feet moments later. To me it felt like Ocean was saying I hear you, you are not alone.

Me in warm Cuban waters

      Then shortly after I got home I started classes again in May as I study through the summer. Its easier for my mind to not have a four month break between classes and also means I'm actually probably going to graduate on time. So for the next months until July I was buried in the land of Totalitarianism because even though I was techically in a course on Modern Europe, which should have covered topics from the French Revolution to the Cold Warm my prof had some sort of fixation on Totalitarianism, Hitler, Stalin and various other East European dictatorships and needing the credit I was stuck. But that's all over now *does happy dance* so I can once again read history things I care more about like the Tudors.

     Online I've also been pretty busy the past few months, even if not on my blog. I've actually stuck to my schedule of having a video posted on my Itty Bitty Celtic Witch YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday with the rare exception. And, I've also done a video pretty much every Wednesday for the YouTube collab channel Starting Out Solitary since Februaryish which has definitely kept me busy.

    I also still post regularly on my Itty Bitty Celtic Witch FB page though FB has this horrid tendency of only wanting to show paid posts so quite often my own little inspiration graphics or Etsy shop updates don't get seen as widely.

Waxing Moon Tealights

     Speaking of the shop Itty Bitty Celtic Witch on Etsy has also kept me exceptionally busy! I'm up to around 170 listings now with items ranging from spell candles to spell oils to crystal jewelry as well as tumbled and raw crystals. I really, really love sharing my mystical practices with others through Etsy. It gives me the opportunity to share my creations with people I would never have reached otherwise and I've also met a couple of really lovely people on Etsy such as Valrie from SpiralSunHerbals and Trace&Smoeii from PurpleDaisyAlchemy.

    Also before I forget, there's still one day left of the MidSummer Sale I am hosting on Etsy its on until August 10, just use Coupon Code: MIDSUMMER to receive 15% off if you are so inclined.

Anywhoodles I think that about wraps it up, talk soon!


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