Sunday, 23 August 2015

Weekly Tarot Reading for Aug 23 - 29

    So this morning as I sipped my cup of decaf and stared out the window at the sunshiney sky, I thought it was about high-time that I started sharing some tarot readings with you guys. So from now on, if I can get myself all organized :p I'm going to post a general Weekly Tarot Reading for the coming week ahead, every Sunday. 

     This Weekly Tarot Reading consists of three cards, the first addresses the begining of the week, the second the middle and the third, the end of the week. For this week's reading I used the Druid Animal Oracle which I am reaquainting myself with after we took a bit of  a break from each other.

    So without further ado here it goes!

~From Left to Right~
Beginning of the Week: Goose 
Middle of the Week: Wren
End of the Week: Cow

      Goose indicates that the beginning of the week will be filled with creative and stable energies. The Goose represents commitment in long-term relationships, partnerships and endeavours suggesting that what is addressed in the beginning of the week will be guided by the stability of long-term support. If you are seeking to futher your relationship, partnership, business venture, or goals, and determine their respective futures, the beginning of the week is the time to do so. Additionally, if you are a creative spirit, spend time with your artistic nature this week, especially at the beginning as you will find stable support at this time.

     The Wren though a physically small creature is also mighty and calls you to pay attention to the little things by mid-week. Whether it be holding the door open for someone, remembering to say thank you, or putting that extra bit of attention into a project rather than just pushing it aside, even the smallest of things you do this week will be of consequence.

     The Cow emphasizes that by week's end you will feel a motherly, nurturing and supportive energy guiding your actions. The Cow does not ask you to do anything to recieve this maternal, loving energy but simply to open yourself up to its beauty, peace and caring.

      Overall, this week will be filled with support from beginning to end. Engage in creative activities and pay attention to the small things because every little action counts this week! 

Many Blessings,


p.s. The crystals depicted in the above reading are, quartz, rough ametrine and quartz, from left to right. If you would like to purchase your own rough ametrine or a personalized tarot reading please visit my Etsy shop:

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