Monday, 14 September 2015

Weekly Tarot Reading Sept 14 - Sept 19

     So I'm a day late in posting this (and doing the reading, which happened this morning) but the Weekly Tarot Reading is here nonetheless! Bet you thought that after I didn't get to it last week that I'd forgotten all about them eh? I wouldn't blame you if you did I might've come to the exact same conclusion about myself had I not mustered up the motivation to do the reading this morning. But I did do the reading and that is what counts :)

      For this week's reading I pulled three cards from the Druid Animal Oracle Deck that represent the beginning, middle and end of the upcoming week.

Beginning ~  Fox: Diplomacy.
Middle ~ Cat: Observation.
End ~ Air Dragon: Insight.

      This reading suggests that this week will be ruled by cautious attitudes and obersvation which will ultimately lead us to towards insight. Fox brings the need for diplomacy to the beginning of the week, cautioning us that now is the time to choose our words carefully. However, Fox also warns us not to get so caught up in our own personal diplomacies that we end up speaking dishonestly or keeping so quiet that we fail to stick up for ourselves or others. Cat then suggests that the middle of the week is a time for quiet observation. Notice where your diplomatic tongue has lead you or simply make yourself more aware of the environment around you and how the energies are flowing. Reflect and observe. By the week's end this contemplation will lead us to Air Dragon's insight and clarity of thought.

Many Blessings,



  1. Great read and on point to the beginning of my week. I bet the other two cards are too. ;)


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