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A Bit About Me (The Intuitive Reader & Blogger):

My name is Sarah and I am the Itty Bitty Celtic Witch. I am an intuitive tarot/oracle reader, which means that I don’t call myself a psychic. In my opinion both tarot and oracle are methods by which to interpret the journey of life. They offer guidance on how to approach both difficult situations and every day decisions. They also offer an opportunity for deeper reflection into issues that are all too easy to brush aside in the rush of daily life. 

I have personally been reading tarot and oracle for myself for a little over two years now and have been offering my professional reading services on Etsy since February 2015. While I may not have read tarot for decades, I strive to be deeply in tune with the Earth and the energies that surround us, and it is this connection that guides me when I read for others and myself.

I also sell a variety of raw and tumbled crystals on Etsy, for Crystal Healing!

Available Tarot & Oracle Readings Can be Viewed @ Itty Bitty Celtic Witch or @ the Tarot Readings & Oracle Readings Page.

All Tarot & Oracle Readings are read from the Tarot or Oracle Deck of Your Choice!

*Pics of the available decks are attached to each Etsy listing :)
**Please note: Tarot is best interpreted as guidance, what the fates may predict today can alter in the future and is not designed for providing the specific date(s) in which an event may occur.

Where to Find Me:

I'm kind of all over the place 

I'm here blogging away at www.ittybittycelticwitch.com
I'm there with readings & crystals at www.ittybittycelticwitch.etsy.com

And I'm kinda everywhere on social media:
Instagram: @ittybittycelticwitch
Twitter: @ittybittywitch
Pinterest: @celticwitch24

The quickest way to get in touch with me to ask questions or chat is via Etsy Conversations, Instagram Direct Messages & e-mail: ittybittycelticwitch(at)gmail.com.

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